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Here's all the info you need about Brendon Urie's follow-up to 'Death Of A Bachelor' Panic! At The Disco, everyone's favourite post-emo stadium swing-pop outfit

Death of a Bachelor debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, with 190,000 album units, earning the band its best sales week and first number one album It was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album at …Eleven tracks long Thank you, Brendon The time is upon us, people A new era of Panic! At The Disco has begun It's been announced that the brand new album, PrayPanic! At The Disco has a new release coming right in time for the holiday season The band is getting ready to release a lengthy 21 track live album, titled All My Friends We're Glorious, for Dec 15 releaseOn May 23, 2018, Panic! At The Disco released the fourth song in the album, “High Hopes” in a second LP release for “Pray For The Wicked”, titled “High Hopes On Saturday Night” which also includes the first two singles for the albumThe album itself is yet another reinvention of the band as a whole, illustrating Spencer Smith and Brendon Urie’s new vision for Panic! while still maintaining their dramatic flare The album is a stark contrast from the band’s previous album Pretty