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DPandoras 1 0 is a stereolithographic 3D printer kit based on powder technology for those seeking an introduction to high definition and full color 3D printing

Composite Multicolor 3D prints cannot be printed fully assembled It is, however, possible to print parts to assembled after 3D printing To do so, it is necessary to leave space between the different parts of the object The amount of space you plan on leaving depends on the objectís intended useWhile 3D printers have benefited from many advancements, a few glaring issues prevent them from wider adoption A big one: Color 3D printingHP's Jet Fusion 3D Printer allows businesses to and inspection processes for HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printed parts standard solution configuration price,The Palette lets you print with multiple filaments on your single extruder 3D printer, with Palette+ enables multi-color, multi-material The price does notSee our list of all the best 3D full-color and multi-color 3D printers available in 2015, with details and prices